Bars / Restaurants

Competition today for customers can be fierce, especially in the restaurant and bar industry. Offering a sophisticated video and/or audio experience can help enhance the ambiance of your business and help you retain current customers as well as bring in new ones.

The greater San Francisco Bay Area is famous for world class restaurants with every imaginable type of cuisine, and music can help create the vibe your customer is looking for. Let us help you create the perfect system for your customers. Just as important as lighting, music can help make or break a dining experience.

We can help you create a music system that operates evenly throughout your entire space, never too loud or too soft but just right. We also offer the capability of overriding the programmed music with a paging system for announcements if required.


If you need a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) solution, we can help you monitor any specific area in your bar/restaurant, especially useful at POS stations where monetary transactions occur. The knowledge that your establishment has such equipment can help keep your employees honest by removing temptation.

If there should be a situation where money comes up short or you suspect an employee is stealing, a simple review of your tape can solve the problem. Cameras are also useful for monitoring patrons, especially where alcohol is served. It is always better to eliminate problems before they need to be dealt with.

Let Valley Home Theater and Automation create the perfect solution for your Bar or Restaurant.. We specialize in various commercial applications from the small and intimate to the large and bustling. You can trust us to take care of all your audio/video & security needs.

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