Lighting Control

Lighting control is a crucial element in the larger world of home automation systems.

Lighting control is the single most functional and elegant system one can add to a home. Integrated lighting systems offers complete control of a large number of lights without cluttering the walls. In addition to aesthetics, lighting controls cut down on the amount of energy wasted, thus saving the consumer money on their electricity bills!

Programmable lighting scenes can be activated from touch-screen remotes, small wall-mounted keypads, wireless remote controls, timers, or even relays from motion detectors. New technologies and products make it possible to install these enhanced systems in existing or new construction.

Imagine pressing a single button marked CINEMA that sets the perfect lighting for home theater entertainment.

Valley Home Theater & Automation (VHT) technicians are experienced in incorporating fully integrated lighting systems into your automated home.


Shade Control

Cutting down on light from the sun = a cooler comfortable home on a hot day. It also saves you energy which = savings.. yes.. you actually get a return on your investment! New technologies allow today’s motorized shades to be installed without running wires. That’s right!…. no running wires!! Today’s motorized shades run on standard batteries that you can buy at your local hardware store. Today’s motorized shades can be controlled manually or wirelessly with a universal remote, smart phone or tablet at home or on the go. Call a VHT specialist today to learn more.


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