Valley Home Theater and Automation can help your school become an academic powerhouse in the field of Audio & Visual. The technology available today helps make learning fun for the students, and our equipment is perfectly suitable for many different users. Add in the fact that we offer remotes that can control the lights, screens, projectors and televisions from the palm of your hand, and you can see why it just doesn’t get any better than this.

We help you design your perfect system, from the classroom to the auditorium, and our experts install and maintain what you have chosen. From screens to projectors, or network equipment to sound systems, we help you make the best choices for your requirements and your budget.

Modern innovations such as Smart Boards are an integral part of today’s education, and are found in many of the more modern classrooms. Let us help you chose the perfect solution for your students and teachers alike with the addition of a Smart Board Interactive whiteboard System, designed to improve your students’ performance. This system combines the simplicity of a Whiteboard with the power of the computer, and allows you to deliver dynamic lessons, write notes with digital ink, and save your work with the simple touch of your finger.

And for those schools who truly want to serve all of their students, we offer Assisted Listening Devices designed to help students who face the challenge of a hearing disability. There are many systems designed to overcome the obstacles a student with a traditional hearing aid might face in a normal classroom. Contact Valley Home Theater and Automation today so that we can help you design a system perfect for your hearing challenged students.. We will advise you on the many systems available and install the one that is right for you.

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