Valley Home Theater & Automation’s telecom services provide the latest and greatest telephone and intercom features to their customer’s homes. Our home Telecom services include Digital Voice IP – enabled features that are managed over your home’s private network. This provides you with a high quality, reliable and robust voice option that has more clarity than traditional phone services.

Also, keep in mind that the functionality of phone systems do not stop at receiving and placing outside calls – a VHT technician can turn your telephone into an interactive intercom system so that you can communicate from room to room, talk with visitors at the front door, page your entire home , or even control doors, gates and electronic access points.


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Home Networking

Home Networking, also known as Structured wiring, is the foundation of VHT automated systems: it transmits audio, video and data to computers, telephones, televisions, touch pads, HVAC, automated devices, security systems, lighting controls, smartphones, tablets, streaming media, video conferencing, laptops, DVDs and more.

VHT’s home networking services include wiring for:

  • High-speed internet
  • Digital satellite and/or cable TV in any room
  • Home theater surround sound
  • Networking of computers, printers, fax and scanners
  • Home security / Surveillance
  • Phone systems
  • Music throughout
  • Home Control

Often, people confuse the home network with that of having all of your computers networked together. While this is not incorrect, the larger part of home networking is having all of your home’s subsystems, including your computers, on a network that can be controlled from a single device. Without a strong network, your systems will be slow and sluggish.

As demand for Media systems, home offices and other electronic networks soars, so does the demand for home networking, Not only would this addition increase your options, but it would increase value to your property as well.

Talk to a VHT professional today to find out more about how home networking can make your life better – now and well into the future.