Wineries of today are almost unrecognizable from the wineries of yesterday, becoming locations for concerts, weddings and world class restaurants. If you own a winery and want to upgrade your business, start by calling Valley Home Theater and Automation today.

You may already have a beautiful building and gorgeous grounds, but do you have the proper audio and visual systems to enhance your customers experience? We offer systems that are the perfect marriage of sight and sound to create the proper ambiance for your different needs. Hosting a bocce ball tournament, you would choose a livelier sound than if you were hosting a wedding.

Regardless of your size, we offer perfect solutions from a small and intimate winery to the largest commercial venue, and our experts will help you chose the right equipment and provide expert installation. We offer systems that allow you to project springtime visuals in the dead of winter, and accompany them with crystal clear sound. Have a customer who wants a winter white wedding and it is the driest winter on record, augment your system through an audio visual experience that meets their every wish. You are literally limited only by your imagination to what you can offer your customers. Help make their dreams come true by utilizing a perfect system installed by Valley Home Theater and Automation.

Regardless of whether you offer tasting rooms, local business meetings or host the monthly chamber of commerce get-togethers, we can show you differing systems that offer you the widest options. Our equipment can be installed out of site so as not to disturb your already beautiful interiors. This equipment is also designed for easy accessibility and maintenance. If you want maximum security, we also offer Biometric (fingerprint) magnetic locks to allow limited access .


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