Outdoor Entertainment

It’s nice to get outside and smell the fresh air… especially on a warm evening! Why not bring some A/V entertainment outdoors.

Valley Home Theater & Automation has done so many exciting outdoor A/V systems we decided to share some outdoor entertainment ideas with you… enjoy!


Get creative – How about a projector mounted in the cabana ceiling and a motorized drop down projection screen facing the backyard. That’s right – it’s called rear projection – a special screen lets you view the opposite side of the screen. A TV over an outdoor fireplace is a nice option as well.


Satellite Speakers & Underground Subs – There’s sound…. But where is it coming from? Several speakers that look sort of like flood lights spaced about 10-15 feet apart give you full even sound throughout, along with underground subs, makes it sound like you’re at an amusement park.

VHT Residential Outdoor Entertainment

An Outdoor Planter with Audio
can be a good option.

Temporary Setups – Why not a inflate a projection screen for that movie night with family & friends or for that Monday Night football gathering. VHT can set up an attachment for those special events….all you do is blow up the screen and plug & play.

Outdoor TV
Rock Speakers

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