The Foundation of your Smart Home

Most people aren’t happy with their wifi coverage, especially in larger homes. Coverage is intermittent and drops off in certain areas. Or the wifi network just doesn’t support the needs of your family while you’re streaming, doing homework or gaming at the same time.

But it’s not just about wifi. Today’s smart homes require a level of network performance that was previously unheard of in a non-commercial environment. Imagine having 4k video transmission to six TVs throughout your house. What about music streaming, surveillance data from your security system and video intercoms? And then there are touch screens, remotes and control systems that transmit or receive data. All of these systems rely on the network that’s installed in your smart home.

The structured wiring that VHT designs and installs for new projects, the routers, wireless access points, switches, controllers and other systems all matter. The network is the backbone that will determine the performance and reliability of your smart home. VHT takes pride in understanding our customer’s needs and using our experience to design a network that will make your dream home smart.

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