VHT COVID-19 Policy

VHT takes your health and ours very seriously.  VHT has adopted the following social distancing and sanitation protocols based on Bay Area Health Officer and CDC guidelines:

Customer Consent & Screening: 
• When scheduling projects with VHT, customer will review the project safety guidelines below.
• Customer will confirm that they and their family members have not shown any symptoms or have reason to believe they have been exposed to the virus. 

VHT Screening: 
• VHT will screen employees regularly for symptoms or potential exposure and employees will take their temperatures regularly.
• Employees with any symptoms or known exposure will not work on on-site projects. 

Project Kickoff: 
• VHT technician(s) and customer agree to wear face masks.  
• When direct interaction is required, both parties will wear masks and maintain at least 6 foot distance. 

Project Setup: 
• Customer agrees to vacate room(s) where work will be performed.
• Technician will close door where possible to create separation between work area(s) and occupied areas of the house.
• Technician will wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to starting work and upon leaving or re-entering house.
• All surfaces and equipment in work area will be wiped with disinfectant wipes prior to starting work. Any equipment handed to customer (such as remotes) will be sanitized.
• Surfaces and equipment will be wiped again after completion of work. 

Please contact us at 800-977-8741 if you need technical or sales support. Be healthy and safe!
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