Home Theater

Experience Cinema Like Never Before

Home theaters have become the most popular option for those looking to create the cinematic experience in the privacy of their own home. Technology has advanced so quickly that professional-quality projectors and screens are now available that deliver a better quality image than systems we installed ten years ago for about ten times the price. Some very high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofer systems are available that will make you swear you’re in a real theater but are almost totally hidden from view.

In addition to designing a system that meets your needs and budget, VHT can be a one stop shop to provide all of the accessories for your theater. Want leather movie theater seats, a motorized curtain, art deco theater door? We can make it happen.

Our state of the art, customized home theaters are the perfect way to experience feature films or your
favorite cable series without ever leaving your house, and the value you get for your money is better
than ever before.
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