Residential Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Automation, as its name implies, involves making your home operate automatically and intelligently for a more enjoyable living experience. Valley Home Theater & Automation (VHT) can automate audio, video, lighting, security, computer, telephone intercom, appliances, window treatments, HVAC, pool, spa, fountains, irrigation~ the list is endless!

If you can think of any way to make your daily life simpler, more convenient or even safer, VHT can design a custom solution to accommodate your every need!

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One Smart APP to run your Smart Home

VHT integrates all of the devices and components in your home – such as your lights, thermostat, door locks, security system, A/V equipment and more into ONE easy-to-use application.

As home automation increases in popularity, it’s becoming easier to find products that provide automated capabilities. However, oftentimes you need multiple apps and remote controls to control all of these various devices. For instance, one app to control your lamp, one app to control your thermostat and another to control your TV.

The advantages to having one app control multiple devices – is integrating all devices when executing scenes. Scenes can be personalized to fit your life style and are only limited by your imagination.


A “Goodnight” scene locks your doors, turns off all lights, ramps up the thermostat and arms the alarm.


A “Cooking” scene dims the kitchen lighting and cues your favorite tunes.


A “Movie” scene sets the A/V equipment to the correct input, shuts the blinds, and changes the temperature to your optimal movie-viewing level.

Have your sprinklers turn on automatically when movement is detected after 2am to keep the deer from eating your garden.



Watch Take your viewing experience to an extraordinary level.

  • Replace all those remotes with one that controls everything-even your home.
  • All of your devices set themselves to the correct input-automatically.
  • One button press can dim the lights, set the temperature, and start the movie.


Listen Listen to what you want, when you want-anywhere in your home.

  • Everyone can enjoy their own music in their own space.
  • Stream internet radio or enjoy your own custom playlist from almost any source.
  • One button activates your personalized “scene” cueing up your favorite artist.


Security A smart home monitors itself, leaving you with peace of mind.

  • Smart locks with personalized codes lets you know who has entered the home.
  • Give your alarm system added security with triggerable flashing interior/exterior lights.
  • “Mockuple” your home when no one’s there with alternating lights and televisions.


Lighting Smart lighting provides a world of bright new possibilities.

  • “All-of” button on a customized keypad shuts off the lights, locks the doors.
  • Save energy and money by setting your lights to 80% during the day.
  • Timers and motion sensors can turn lights on and off automatically – all year long.


Comfort Your home can respond intelligently to changing weather conditions.

  • Use your smartphone to turn up the temperature on your smart thermostat.
  • Cue the shades to lower from the comfort of your couch.
  • Your smart system can set the temperature automatically based on sunset and sunrise.


More Once you get a taste, you’ll want to automate even more.

  • Turn on your fireplace, dim the lights, and start your favorite internet radio station by voice.
  • Fire up your hot tub before you get home on a cold night.
  • Keep an eye on your babysitter with a “nanny cam.” Record all actions for viewing later.


Communication It’s your home, feel free to tell it what to do.

  • You can communicate room- to- room or with visitors at the front door using touchscreens.
  • Displays and massages can be sent to televisions in the home or over speakers.
  • Get notifications if a sensor detects a leak, or when the children are home from school.


Anywhere Access Your smartphone or tablet is the “universal remote.”

  • Adjust your thermostat on the way home.
  • Arm your alarm system from the airport.
  • Change lights in the house to look like it’s occupied.

GREEN FACT :  Did you know that a typical 3BR home powered by a Smart Energy Management system will eliminate more than 850 pounds of CO2 emissions in just 1 year! (That’s like to not driving a car for a month!)