Let’s Talk LED vs. OLED

In the never-ending quest to stay on top of the latest TV technology, we’re taking a look at LED TVs vs. OLED TVs. If you’re curious about the latest OLED technology or want to know a bit more about how LED TVs work, follow along as we take you through our comparison. Once you know the difference, you’ll be well on your way to picking the best TV for you and your family.

First of all, what’s the difference?
Technically speaking, OLED and LED TVs operate very differently. LED TVs are actually LCD TVs that use small LED lights to light up the screen. This means that while the color is generally good quality, sometimes the blacks get washed out due to the bright lights. While LED TVs tend to be slimmer than LCD models, they still have to be somewhat large to accommodate the LED lights.

OLED TVs, on the other hand, are made of elements that create their own light and therefore don’t need an additional light source. These screens use an electric current and are thinner, produce more vibrant colors, create truer blacks, and consume less energy. Some OLED screens are even flexible!

So what’s the catch?
OLED TV’s sound great, right? Better color, less energy consumption; we’re sold. But not so fast. Since OLED TVs are new and exciting, they also come with a higher price tag—about two to three times as much as an LED TV. Many individuals and families are still opting for LED TVs as they better fit their price range—and do still provide a better viewing experience than traditional LCD screens.

Tell me more
If you happen to have the budget for an OLED TV, here’s another thing to consider when making the decision between OLED and LED screens. Have you ever missed a kick-off or a pivotal scene because you were sitting too far off to the side of the screen and therefore the contrast was too poor? OLED screens eliminate that problem. You can sit at almost a 90-degree angle to and OLED screen and still see the picture clearly, making them perfect for family movie nights or Super Bowl parties.

How do I choose?
So which TV is right for you and your family? There are a few things to consider. First, how often do you and your family watch TV? Are you big movie people who want to experience every color and every contrast? Or do you only click the power button occasionally to catch up on the news and celebrity gossip? Choosing the right screen will make or break these experiences. And finally, don’t forget to consider your budget. Although OLED TV’s beat LED TV’s in the arenas of contrast, picture quality, and power consumption, LED TV’s are still a great, affordable option if you’re willing to live with a few imperfections.

We’re always excited about new TV technology here at Valley Home Theater. Drop by again to see what we’re talking about next!

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