Audio Distribution for Your Automated Home or Business Systems

There are so many exciting systems to distribute audio for both Business and Home Automated Systems that we hardly know where to begin! Remember how cumbersome your first system was, which may have included finding the right vinyl record, putting it on a turntable, and hoping the sound wouldn’t be too scratchy? If you wanted to listen to it again…repeat the same laborious process.

Have we come a LONG way since then.

Today, we have hand held devices that can store an entire music library of our favorite songs and tunes that we can listen to anytime and anywhere. Subscription services such as Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Tune-in, etc. allow us to organize them in play sets and stream them from any WiFi location. So what do you need to consider if you want to have the best listening experience in your home or business? You might be using a wireless device now, but you need to consider the benefits of hard wiring and cabling your home or office to maximize the audio quality and capabilities.

Now I know what you are saying- it’s WiFi and why should I hard wire anything for WiFi?

First, there is the consideration of quality. If you utilize our new Audio Matrix Switch, you can fully maximize the quality of your audio, where you listen to it inside or outside of your home or business, and simplify where the audio is coming from. Haven’t heard of it yet? You will, and hard wiring in your home or business allows you to not only take full advantage of what is available now, but also take advantage of new systems as they become available in the future. Hard wiring also improves the quality of the audio which is now at the mercy of your provider. To take full advantage of the Audio Matrix Switch, you will need to hard wire and cable.

If you live in a home where someone wants to listen to the internet radio station in one room (zone), and someone else wants to watch a football game in another room (zone), and a group of kids are in the backyard and wants to listen to streaming music from a hand held device- how do you maximize the audio capabilities for so many different areas (zones)? You hard wire and install an Audio Matrix Switch. If you don’t know what that is, just give us a simple call or e-mail and we will show you how simple and improved all of your systems can be by utilizing your very own Switch. This simple system allows for each zone to utilize and capitalize on a different technology system AND get the best audio quality available.

Don’t get me wrong- WiFi is an amazing technological advancement. But to get the best audio quality available, your listening choices will be enhanced by hardwiring and cabling your home or business systems,.

If you want to take full advantage of the latest in technology, you need to plan your spaces accordingly. This will allow you to place speakers and internet where you want them, in any room both inside and outside. This gives you a more reliable connection, and allows for future advancements in technology as well. Since we do not know what the future will bring, at least we know that there will be many new and improved systems just based on what the past has shown. Hard wiring and cabling will ensure that you can easily take advantage of what is available now and what will become available in the future, as well as improve the quality of what you are listening to today.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to stream audio/visual with no bandwidth considerations!

Our Audio Matrix Switch has inputs for all your sources and outputs for all of your Audio Zones. We look at the number of sources you utilize and the number of audio zones you have to determine what size of audio matrix switch you will need. If you have all of your video (TV’s, Projector’s etc.) run to that same audio distribution location, using your sound system in each room for your TV’s becomes much easier and with better audio quality.

Cabling for such a system is extremely important, and for a 4 or 8 ohm systems we use at least a 14 gauge speaker cable. The thicker the gauge the better as it puts less load on your amps that drive the speakers. You can get away with a thinner gauge wire on a 70v system as this system is usually better suited for commercial applications with multiple speakers and the need for paging, where fidelity is not as critical. The point is: you do not need to be an expert to use the newest and best audio systems – you just need to know that calling an expert such as Valley Home Theater & Automation, Inc. is the smartest and surest way to get all of your Audio needs taken care of. A simple phone call or e-mail will get you started to the best listening experiences of your life!

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