Automating your Multi-Dwelling Units

If you’re an owner of a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) you have no doubt dipped your toes in the waters of building-automation technology. Maybe you’re just starting development on a property, or are looking to renovate, you’ll quickly learn that there are more automation options for MDUs than blue paint swatches. And since you’re probably going to consult an expert on the differences between Sky Deluxe and Mediterranean Mist, you’ll likely want to consult the experts for all of your automation needs as well. So let’s unpack just what you need to seamlessly automate your Multi-dwelling unit.

New Construction

The foundation is set, the cyclone fence is up the construction crane extends its steel neck into the skyline, and the construction crane extends its steel neck into the skyline. Building this project has been your dream, and it’s finally happening. So grab your hard hat and get to work.

Technology and people’s relationship to it has permeated all aspects of life, and that is not slowing down anytime soon. With careful consideration of options now, you’ll not only have a high-tech facility that leaves an unforgettable impression on renters or buyers but having a smart-MDU is a surefire way to “future-proof” your facility for generations.

A good smart-MDU plan is key to creating the perfect automated building. Before construction fully begins, we can work on your existing blueprints and incorporate a smart-building design that integrates well. From that customized plan, we can install, maintain, and upgrade your technology in order to keep the building state of the art and one that will make its mark on the landscape.

More and more people are upgrading their homes with smart-home technology, and your MDU should be no different. Better security, service, and standard of living all increase with a smart building.

Existing Buildings

Whether you own an established hotel or a luxury apartment complex, your property’s value is enhanced by integrating smart technology. Without disrupting business or the lives of residents or guests, many options exist to bring the building up to date. A few examples include:

  • Digital Concierge: With a simple app download hotel guests can access the front desk, room service, security, and housekeeping from their room, the pool, or when they’re out exploring the city.
  • 24/7 Access: Residents in an MDU apartment complex can access security footage from any mobile device, and instantly speak with a concierge or security if needed.
  • Upgraded Switches and Doors: Gone are the toggle switches and dimmers spread throughout each complex. Instead, upgrade to intelligent keypads that can be configured to control lights, music, and door locks. In addition, customized switches allow you to configure specific mood settings for each room. For example, the living room switches might say “movie”, “family time”, “reading”, etc., and each of these has their own music and lighting settings.
MDU Automation and You

As we’ve hopefully demonstrated, there are limitless possibilities to automating your MDU. From first-step planning to retrofitting an existing structure, automation for a multi-dwelling unit is just a click away. Contact us here to get started.

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