Lighting Benefits, Verdict on Neeo Remote, VHT Support Updates

Smart Lighting - Looking better, feeling better

Smart lighting makes your home more beautiful and can have a positive influence on your well-being, here's how: 
   Our bodies adjust to the time of day: Our circadian rhythm is dependent on light. The closer you follow the natural day and night light cycle, the better you can feel.  
   A smart lighting system can adjust the illumination in your home automatically to match natural light. As the sun sets and your body gets sleepier it can dim the lights, and gradually brighten in the morning.  This kicks in your melatonin and cortisol levels in your body, allowing you to fall asleep and wake up in a natural way so you wake up refreshed and rested. Timing can be set based on the Atomic Clock, light sensors, or your own time preferences. Your smart lighting control system can be programmed to moods that best suit you for different occasions or times of day. 
   Smart lighting for aesthetic design:  Smart lighting also plays a critical role in creating an environment that accentuates the interior design elements and improves the beauty of your home. More and more often we’re seeing smart lighting incorporated into the design of homes by architects, homeowners & interior designers to deliver a certain character or style for the house. The ability to group fixtures or sets of lights into “scenes” with programmed dim levels helps to create this character.  Getting just the right lights at exactly the right intensity creates a more pleasant and attractive home. Beauty and health - perfect together!

Panelized Lighting
For new construction or remodels we are installing more centralized lighting systems, also known as Panelized lighting.  Panelized lighting greatly contributes to a clean design element by replacing banks of switches with a few programmable keypads.  Equally significant, your keypads can also control your shades, music and videos when connected to a control system, leaving your walls cleaner and your home more enriching. For more info on smart lighting click here to see our newsletter.
   Please feel free to call us if you’d like to discuss smart lighting options for your home.

VHT Support Update
We’ve recently implemented some key improvements to our support process to service you better:

  • When contacting VHT for support please use either (several of us check this email daily), or 
  • Call 925-828-8741 ext 2.  This extension will now go directly to a support technician who can evaluate your issue, provide instruction, and determine if an on-site service call is required. 
  • We’ve also implemented a support ticketing process so that technical issues are tracked in a consistent way from contact to resolution.  

New Control4 Neeo Remote - VHT approved.

We've been testing the new Control4 Neeo remote for a few months. We're happy to report that it’s a very nice product and we’re comfortable recommending it to our clients.

The Neeo offers a 3" high-resolution touch screen to display music, video source or favorites, and can control most functions through the touch screen such as video and audio, locking doors, turning on/off individual lights and activating lighting scenes. Because it has fewer buttons, you can’t perform certain functions like fast forwarding through a commercial without looking at the remote, but overall we think this is a minor trade-off. It’s well built and when installing a Neoo to replace an existing Control4 remote the programming can be done in minutes.   

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