Not Just a Light Switch: Run Your Home Using the Control4 Keypad

Since Bill Gates first revealed his “smart home” in the mid-‘90s, many people have dreamed of having their own home automation systems. As technology prices dropped in subsequent years, many companies leapt into the fray to meet consumer demand. One such company is Control4, which first launched in 2003.

Control4 has become an industry leader in the home automation industry, with controllers that allow users to easily manage entertainment systems, thermostats, lighting, security cameras, and more. But perhaps the most popular and flexible controller device currently offered by Control4 is the Control4 Wireless Keypad.


The Control4 Keypad Isn’t Just for Lights

On the surface, the Control4 keypad is a light switch on steroids, offering an endless variety of customizable options for controlling one or more lights with a single press. But that’s just scratching the surface of the keypad’s capabilities.

The first hint at its flexibility is the fact that more than 38 possible configurations of large buttons, small buttons, and directional arrows (that can be used as volume controls or to set light levels) are available. Each button is custom engraved with the label of your choosing, and with a choice of 12 color options. But it’s what you can do with those buttons that really makes the Control4 Keypad special.

The keypad can control anything that is compatible with the Control4 system. This means that a single keypad can be used to turn on your TV, set your home alarm, turn on a music player, open the garage door, lock the front door, or even start your coffee pot.

You Can Create the Perfect Environment with the Press of a Button

But what makes the keypad truly special is that multiple devices or fixtures can be linked to a single button. The Control4 system is based upon a system of “events” and “actions.” When an event happens, such as pushing a button or opening a door, the system then executes all actions that are tied to that event. This means that a single button press on the Control4 keypad can be used to not just turn something on or off, but to instantaneously create an entire environment, customized just for you. Here are just a few ideas of the events that can be combined into a single keypad button:

  • “Night Time”: Lock the front door, start the dishwasher, start the sprinklers, arm the alarm, and turn all the lights down in the house.
  • “Kids’ Bedtime”: Turn the lights down low in the children’s rooms, and launch a favorite Netflix movie or show on the TVs in their rooms.
  • “All Off”: Power off all lights, fixtures, and devices in the house.
  • “Entertain”: Turn the lights down low in the living room, close the blinds, start a music playlist, and launch Netflix on the living room television.
  • “Dad’s home”: Turn selected lights on at a preferred brightness level, set the air condition to 68 degrees, launch a prepared music playlist, and start the kitchen coffee pot.
  • “Cassie’s TV Time”: Launch a chosen Netflix profile on the living room TV.
  • “John’s Music”: Turn on the audio system and play a favorite digital radio station.
  • “Off to work”: Turn all the lights off, close the blinds, arm the house alarm, and start the crockpot in the kitchen.

The best thing about the Control4 Keypad is that it changes along with you. Each button option can be reprogrammed using the Control4 App, which is available for Apple iPhones and iPadsAndroid devices, the Amazon Fire, and for Windows and Macintosh computers as well. When the seasons change and affect your evening lighting needs, or your daughter finds a new favorite movie, or you get tired of the same old radio station, you can update the events tied to each button to fit with your current wants and needs.

If you’d like to learn more about what the Control4 keypad can do for your home, call or email us today. Isn’t it time to give yourself the high tech home of your dreams?

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